Loss of a friend 1876


Caroline Pamplin
Caroline Pamplin, nee Hunnemann

1876  January 30th Sunday. Mrs. Pamplin died. This lady was a most amiable and kind friend to my wife and myself and her death grieves us very much. She was Willy’s* Godmother.

*William Pamplin Ruddy, Thomas’ second son.

Caroline Elizabeth Pamplin, nee Hunneman (19th November 1793 – 30th January 1876) was the daughter of John Hunneman (1760-1839) a botanical bookseller in Frith Street Soho.  See here.  William Pamplin, Thomas Ruddy’s friend, now living in Llandderfel had taken over Hunneman’s bookselling and publishing business after his death in March 1839.  He married Caroline in January 1840, and they continued to live in Frith Street until moving to Wales in 1862.

Later William Pamplin was to introduce the widowed Thomas to his niece Frances Harriet, who became his second wife.  It was through this connection that the papers and photographs which I inherited from the Ruddy and Pamplin families were preserved.